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    The Comedown - Test Ride from Stephen Murray on Vimeo.

    Test ride of ‘The Comedown’ - Rideable sculptural figure of 8 velodrome by artist Stephen Murray at The Briggait, Wasps, Glasgow 10/10/14.
    Test Riders - Movie Caroo and John Silvera,
    Bikes by Rig Bike Shop - Glasgow.
    Fueled by Dear Green Coffee Roasters - Glasgow
    Build and design team - Stephen Murray, Liam O’Shea, Rob Kennedy, Jason Nelson, John Silvera, Dominic Watson.
    Funded by Creative Scotland
    Full details here -
    and first article here telling full story -

    — 2 days ago

    The Red Hook Crit Barcelona No. 2 Official Video from Thelema Artworks on Vimeo.

    The Red Hook Crit Barcelona No. 2 Official Video

    Select English or Italian subtitles using the “CC” button on the bottom right of the video player.

    Join us this Saturday for the Red Hok Criterium Milano No. 5
    7 Via Raffaele Lambruschini, Milan Italy

    Saturday, October 11th

    Qualifying: 14:30 – 17:50
    Last Chance Race: 19:00 – 19:30
    Women’s Criterium: 20:30 – 21:15
    Men’s Criterium: 21:30 – 22:15
    Podium Ceremony: 22:30 – 23:00

    Click here ( for the official timing and scoring app to keep track of results on race day.

    — 1 week ago

    Gorilla Label jacket by Blind Chic. from Neza Peterca on Vimeo.

    The Gorilla Label was born as a side project of our brand Blind Chic.
    for similar but for a more specific group of people.
    It was created to facilitate urban cyclist’s need to conquer the modern jungle.
    It was created for the sporty one, the wild one and for the one who is ready to cross over the city no wheather what.
    This short documentary shows a day in the life of 3 Hungarian cyclist girls.
    Each of them has a different story, about what cycling means to them, how they started and their experiences, but what unites them is cycling.
    They are riding their bikes everyday, everywhere, no matter if it’s raining, snowing, or crazy wind blowing.
    Cycling is their way of commuting, their way of socializing, it’s their passion.
    Video was shot in last days of the wet winter in Budapest.
    The video was meant to present the lifestyle and the uniqueness of each girl’s story, look and personality.
    The ladies were given our brand new product, the gorilla jacket, to test it, use it and give us a proper feedback.
    7 month after the shooting and testing, we proudly present our new baby!
    Available from the 13th of October on our online shop:
    Thanks to:
    Dóri, Liza and Annácska
    Fruccola -
    Bajnok Kerékpárok -
    My little Melbourne coffee -
    Rudy Project Hungary -
    Thurston Harris - Little Bitty Pretty One

    — 1 week ago


    We shot this short video to celebrate TCB Courier turning 5 this month.


    — 2 weeks ago

    3bs wild in the streets from 3b’s Krew on Vimeo.

    Some ruff raw cuts of the homies bombin’ on the bikes, Enjoy.

    Filmed & Edited by Jake Matsukawa
    Additional Filming by Sam Allgood & Izik Service

    — 3 weeks ago

    DAS RAD KLUB | BOREK VS BVR from Das Rad Klub on Vimeo.

    Stage 4 of the 2014 Tour Of Britain finished with an ascent of Bristol’s infamous Bridge Valley Road. Just before the big guns arrived we collected this clip of Rob descending.

    — 4 weeks ago

    Bricklane Bikes London - 2014 LaPiovra Air. Raging East London. from Steve Carty on Vimeo.

    Bricklane Bikes presents the 2014 LaPiovra Air. Available in Black Chrome or Matte Black. This edit features 2 Limited Edition custom painted frame sets. Bespoke builds shown include: Notorious 90, Notorious 50, Notorious 3 and Notorious 5 and Aerospoke wheelsets.

    Shot exclusively for Bricklane Bikes, on location in East London, February 2014.
    Filmed and Edited by: Carty [Allfixedgear] |
    GoPro Hero3, Hero3plus and Canon 6D.
    Riders: Charlie Roberts [Sea Bass Cycles], Steve Carty [AllFixedgear], Benjamin Flower [EastLondonFixed], Ashley Morton [BLB], Jack Dowle [BLB, not shown]
    Music: Kanye West - Hell Of A Life

    — 1 month ago

    RED HOOK CRIT - 2014 from UnbundledUnderground on Vimeo.

    Heavy rain brought a tense day leading up to this year’s Red Hook Crit. Threats of cancellation and worries of increased danger on the course were relieved when the race finally started, 2 hours before its scheduled time, with a modified course and a shortened number of laps. Nevertheless riders came out in full force to battle the elements and each other.

    Now in it’s 7th year, what started out as an informal birthday party for organizer David Trimble has become an international event. Hundreds of competitors from over 20 different countries descend on the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook to race on brakeless fixed-gear track bikes, and this year in the rain. The race is fast and intense, with only the strongest and smartest of riders able to overcome the fury and seize the title.


    Ya en su 7º año, lo que comenzó para el organizador David Trimble como una fiesta de cumpleaños informal, hoy se ha convertido en un evento internacional. Cientos de participantes de 20 países diferentes llegaron a la terminal de cruceros de Brooklyn en Red Hook para competir en bicicletas de piñón fijo, este año bajo la lluvia. La carrera es rápida e intensa, solo los corredores más fuertes e inteligentes son capaces de superar su intensidad y hacerse con el título.


    Director - Tyler Isaacson
    Produced By - Unbundled Underground
    Producer - Devyn Isaacson
    Producer - Michael Covino
    Editor -Ida Joglar
    Camera Operator - Patrick Ryan
    Camera Operator - Casey Stein
    Camera Operator - Sam Kretchmar
    Camera Operator - Zach Kuperstein
    Camera Operator - Adam Coleman
    Camera Operator - Gabriel Noble
    Assistant Camera - Tanner Carlson
    Assistant Camera - Ahad Mahmood
    Digital Imaging Tech - Graham Raubvogel
    Sound Mixer - Max Mellman
    Sound Mixer - Jake Zerrer
    Sound Mixer - Kurt Snieckus
    Sound Mixer - Nick Chirumbol
    Sound Design - William Tabanou
    Color Correction - Jonathan McPheeters
    Title Design - Jonah Birns
    Title Design - Zachary Zurn
    Music - Kurt Snieckus
    Music - Jake Zerrer

    Alexander Barouh
    Philip Doust
    David Trimble
    Michael Pelletier
    Kyle Marvin
    Nick Lane
    Kim Kutner
    Trimble Racing
    Rockstar Games

    — 1 month ago

    Copenhagen bike messengers - freedom and friendship from Woco Film on Vimeo.

    Meet Jumbo and Fergie, two bike messengers from Copenhagen, during the pre-event in Copenhagen for European Cycle Messenger Championship 2014 (in Stockholm). They tell us about how the bike messenger job changed their lives. It’s so much more than money. It’s about speed, friendship, gear and the sense of freedom.

    — 1 month ago